The History of Mr. Beef
      Over half a centry ago, 1963 to be exact, Carl Bonavolanto jr. and Tony Ozzauto opened a small beef stand in downtown Chicago. The menu was simple-but the recipes were one of a kind. The time and effort that went into Mama Ozzauto's beef recipe proved to be a winner. ​
      As the years went by, popularity of the "Mr. Beef" sandwich grew. People would come from miles away to satisfy their hunger for a "Mr. Beef."
      Now owned and operated by Carl Boanvolanto III, (who got into the business at the age of nine), the tradition lives on. The freshness of our meats, cheese, and vegetables is the key to the continuted success of Mr. Beef. Our beef is cooked and sliced fresh everday. We strive for perfection and it shows in every sandwich we make.
      53 years later and we still have the number one beef sandwich in Chiacgo and its suburbs. Thanks to all of our customers for keeping it that way. 


In a way, the Mr. Beef saga in Chicago is like the bizarre twists and turns of the Mueller clan in Austin. According the owner Carl Bonavolanto III, Mr. Beef on Orleans opens in 1963 by his dad, Carl Bonavolanto Jr. and Tony Ozzauto. Years pass, they sell out in 1980, but then success ensues and a cult following is born. Things change on Orleans, and Carl Bonavolanto III ends up in Will County of all places, planting his flag with the (alleged) original recipe. A great story is one thing, but all I care about is taste, and
The Original Mr. Beef delivers on all fronts: paper-thin beef – trimmed of all fat and gristle – suffused with the richness of its own fat from the drippings that are loaded with garlic; an amalgam of serrano peppers, crunchy celery and black pepper in a giardiniera that offers the slightest amount of heat, pairing extremely well with the surprising addition of red or yellow bell peppers that are actually sweet. Stuffed into sturdy, flavorful Liborio loaves that no one else in the region seems to use, it’s a juicy, hot, beefy mess that I couldn’t put down, even after I had already nibbled on three beefs previously that day. For the record, the difference between my #1 and #2 here is slim.